Coming-out counselling: support in finding one's own sexuality and identity

Coming Out Berarung
© Photo by Yingchih on Unsplash

When thinking of coming out counselling, many people first think of young, gay adolescents or men who want to come out about their sexuality and are looking for support in doing so. “However, the services at maincheck are for all people who want to become aware of their sexuality and identity.” explains Norman Wolf, who will offer the counselling in the future. “The first step is not about the external coming out, that is revealing oneself to one's social and professional circles, but about coming to terms with oneself.” This is where Wolf's work truly begins, where questions like ‘Where am I right now in my personal development?’ or ‘What label do I want to give myself or try out, or do I even want that?’ are central. The young counsellor does not have fixed office hours. Appointments for coming-out counselling can be made through our reception by phone at 0 69/40 58 68 0, by email to or online (see links). Those who wish can also make initial contact directly via e-mail to Norman (see Contacts).