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Our mission:

The founding of AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt e.V. as an independent, partisan organisation in 1985 was a self-confident response to a climate of fear and exclusion in the wake of the first appearance of AIDS in Germany.

Since then, we have been opposing the instrumentalization of HIV and AIDS for the purpose of moral condemnation and discrimination of the main groups affected. At the same time, we stand up for the interests of other people threatened or affected by discrimination in this context.

We support and promote a society in which people can lead a life of self-determination. Values such as respect, solidarity and the acceptance of different ways of life are therefore the cornerstones of our actions. In this context, the free development of sexuality is just as important to us as the responsible and safe use of drugs. We are committed to a culture of diversity and to protecting our own integrity, as well as that of others.

Within the framework of individual and structural prevention and intervention work, we offer concrete help and problem-solving services. In addition, we maintain a variety of target group-specific services to support and strengthen self-help skills.

We are flexible and adapt to the different life situations of the target groups. From information to counselling and support, we offer everything from a single source. Authenticity, appreciation and respect are our hallmarks!