Women's Health Evening

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he AHF organises an annual Women's Health Evening. This evening offers the opportunity to meet other women affected by HIV infection in a protected environment and to discuss a topic relevant to women living with HIV, to receive information and to clarify personal questions.

Furthermore, this offer provides the opportunity to get to know different specialised treatment providers for HIV-positive women, as well as their areas of expertise and treatment methods. For this purpose, external speakers are invited for individual key topics.

The evenings are organised and held in cooperation with the association HIV-Contact. HIV-Contact sees itself as an addition to a network of specialised practices, self-help organisations, social associations and the pharmaceutical sector in the Rhine-Main region. They offer psychosocial counselling, self-help activities and access to medical knowledge. This is because, it can cost people with HIV a lot of time, energy and self-motivation to obtain such information themselves. This is a burden that Annette Piecha, herself infected with HIV for many years, can ease.

Annette Piecha is available as a contact person for women with HIV and hepatitis from Mondays to Fridays (8 a.m. - 6 p.m.). One unique feature of HIV-Contact is that information and contacts are provided by those affected to those affected, thus the focus is on those with lived experience.

The event always takes place on the 2nd floor of the AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt, at Friedberger Anlage 24.

The respective dates will be announced under Events as soon as they are known.