Assisted living

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The offer of assisted individual living is aimed at people with HIV and AIDS who need more than counselling in this situation and who have their own living space.

We advise and accompany people in terms of their mental and social needs, as well as in various matters of everyday life according to individual agreement.

We offer

  • Regular individual counselling at home or in our designated counselling rooms
  • Clarification of social legal claims
  • Support with correspondences
  • Development and implementation of creative ideas
  • Organisation and mediation of further, complementary help offers
  • Help in building a stable social network
  • Help in coping with the illness
  • Encouragement in organising leisure time
  • Regular community activities and celebrations
  • Help in coping with crises

A total of 13 AHF staff members, who come from the professional fields of social education and social work, currently care for around 70 clients within the framework of assisted living.

The catchment area is the city of Frankfurt, the Main-Taunus and Hochtaunus districts, as well as, in individual cases also outside this area. The work is usually financed by the Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen.