LGBT*IQ Network Rhine-Main

Schriftzug LSBTI*IQ-Netzwerk Rhein-Main

Since its foundation, the AHF has been a contact point and supporter for people who are coming to terms with their gender and sexual identity, and has constantly expanded its services for this purpose. The LGBT*IQ Network Rhine-Main is a project of the AHF and one of four LGBT*IQ locations throughout Hesse. There is now the opportunity to draw on accumulated experience and contacts and to further improve the situation of LGBT*IQ people in the Rhine-Main area in cooperation with diverse local participants.


The Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration, together with the Anti-Discrimination Agency, has provided funds to promote and consolidate the networking of LGBT*IQ groups and people in Hessen.

The LGBT*IQ Network Rhine-Main aims to, for example:

  • Support public relations work and networking
  • Provide assistance in applying for project funding
  • Raise awareness of LGBT*IQ issues in organisations and politics
  • Address under-resourced areas in the Rhine-Main region
  • Work on previously neglected issues in the LGBT*IQ spectrum

The Rhine-Main area is already well networked through existing structures. The challenge, however, is to complement these in a meaningful way; without risking overtaxing the mostly voluntary participants.