TRANS*ID: Counselling from trans* to trans*


TRANS*ID is a peer-based counselling and discussion service, to and from transgender people. It is confidential and, if desired, anonymous counselling via an in-personal conversation, on the phone, or online.

An experienced trans woman is available as a contact person, to give advice, encouragement as well as support for all questions and problems concerning the topic of transgender identities. This dialogue can take place in protected, non-public counselling rooms, as well as in public places; depending on the wishes and requirements of the service user. The offer is directed at all transgender people, but especially also at young and adolescent trans* people who are still at the beginning of their journey, trans* sex workers, escorts, models, as well as relatives of trans* people. All of these people can access this free, confidential and anonymous service.

Topics which can be discussed include, for example:

  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Coming out
  • Discrimination and intolerance
  • Own appearance
  • First steps
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Hormones, identity and self-perception
  • Partnership and sexuality
  • Personal development
  • Problems at work, school or university
  • Problems with family and friends
  • Trans* tips and tricks

Our counsellor Jessica is a seasoned trans woman with experience in everyday trans* life at home, abroad, as well as in different cultures. She is well networked in the trans* community and is familiar with the various challenges and questions of trans* people.